Lesley, September 2018 

I am so pleased to have found such a great teacher. I so look forward to the classes in spite of never having done anything like Pilates before.


Rob H, Sept 2018

Thank you for the progress made so far! Truly I’m beginning to feel the real benefits and it’s given me optimism for the future.

Val Sladen, Hoddesdon 2018

Hi Lynn. I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed your classes. From the moment I entered your class over 5 years ago I knew immediately that this was the class for me. Your passion & enthusiasm for Pilates is so uplifting along with the care & detail you show towards your class members. I have benefited enormously from the exercises especially as I have had injuries to lower back & shoulders which I hasten to add are now free from pain. I shall continue to come & will recommend your class.......the best ever.   



“You know how much I love your classes. You're a great teacher & I've benefitted so much from the exercises. As you probably realise...I do like a challenge & like to push myself". Val

Maria, Goffs & Hoddesdon classes, July 2018

I have been attending Lynn;s class for more than 3 years - most times twice weekly. The classes are always varied and we do use different tools – bands, weights, rollers etc to keep us motivated. It has definitely made a difference and I can feel less pain and I am so much more mobile.......

Lindsey, Hoddesdon

I’m really enjoying sessions especially as I am now pain free after only a few months of doing pilates. I practise a lot now from home.  I have recommended the classes to so many of my colleagues.

Grace, June 2018

Since I have been doing Pilates I feel and can see my posture has improved, I am more flexible and get less stiff joints. The sessions help me to relax and has strengthen my lower back, which has eased my sciatica. I am also really enjoying the social aspect of the sessions. Many thanks Lynn.


Irene B, June 2018

Thank you for all your help – it has made all the difference. I really feel that I have so much more flexibility following my knee op. Thank you for your support.

Helen C, Dec 2017

Looking forward to another great year of Pilates. Thank you.

Linda Swallow, July 2017

Thanks so much for helping me become more mobile over the last 18mths & although I doubt I’ll ever be pain free the Pilates has helped so much & I cannot believe how much fitter I am now (let’s hope I’ve not spoken too soon). 


Jackie Turner, March 2018

Lynn is great at explaining exercises so beginners understand.

Muna, February, 2018

I love your class! I love the fact that you tailor it for us if necessary and it feels at the right level for me. It's relaxed and and I really enjoy the atmosphere.  

Brian and Isobel King, Dec 2017

Thank you for all the pain, suffering .....and laughs. We look forward to more of the same in 2018.


Testimonials/Long term Clients

Fiona, Goffs Oak

I have been attending Lynn’s Pilates classes for about 3 years for one or two sessions a week and I have noticed a number of definite improvements in my body condition over that time.... Read More

Kerry P, Goffs Oak

I have attended Lynn’s Pilates classes for a couple of years after this form of exercise was suggested to me by a doctor after an illness that affected my breathing. I was initially hesitate to attend as I was linking Pilates to Yoga and was unsure if Pilates was for me. After my first sessions with Lynn I was sure her classes would benefit me.... Read More

Kerry from Cheshunt, 2014

Since attending Lynn’s classes on a regular basis I am convinced my balance, breathing, posture and core strength have improved. As my needs and ability changes I know Lynn will use her expertise and experience to adapt the exercises for me so I can continue classes with her.


Linda Holten, Hoddesdon, 2016

I have always been interested of keeping fit and a healthy living. When I joined Lynn and her technique of teaching I had done yoga for years. Pilates is a soft way of training and Lynn makes sure everyone develop whatever level. I can highly recommend her classes and how she sees you and your need straight away she is super skilled and make a different to my health and well being.


Brian & Helen F, Cuffley 2017

Lynn “Thanks for a great class this evening. You are very good at keeping it fresh and different every time!” Cheers.

Mike E, Wormley Sept 2015

“I have been going to Lynn’s Plates classes now for just over a year, at first I was pessimistic but to stop my wife nagging me I agreed to attend a few private classes. Because of work I spend a lot of time driving and sitting at a desk, as such I was suffering from back ache and knee problems. Lynn’s classes have put a stop to all of that. A few years ago I also had surgery for carpel tunnel on my right hand with surgery planned for my left hand shortly afterwards.  The simple stretching exercises we have been doing has even improved these symptoms. I now go on a regular basis, the class is a great size with a mixture of men and women and we whilst we work hard we always manage to have a laugh. Seriously give it try....”

Clare Edwards, Wormley

From the age of 8 I have been suffering with Musculoskeletal problems with my first surgery taking place on my 14th Birthday.... Read More...

Janine Burdett, Aug 2017, Hoddesdon 

I have been coming along to Lynn's Pilates class for a few months now and can already feel the benefits. As someone who's tall and has a desk job, I was getting lower back ache and with a family history of hip problems I can honestly say I feel the aches and pains are are now minimal and I feel I can do so much more without the constant back ache. Great class, warm and friendly atmosphere.   


Patrick Collins Hoddesdon

I have been attending Effective Pilates with Lynn for nearly 5 years. I had been having some back problems and a touch of Sciatica. Since starting the sessions, I have found my back becoming less prone to the aches and pains that I had been suffering with. The sciatica has also passed. Lynn is an excellent teacher allowing everyone to progress at their own pace. Each session takes you through a full range of exercises for all the core muscles and it is brilliant for strengthening your back. There is a really good atmosphere and everyone has a lot of fun. In the session I attend there is a good mix of ages and males and females. The sessions are good value for money and I always look forward to going each week. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lynn's classes to anyone.


Pauline, Cheshunt

I started pilates with Lynn in June 2014. I had been advised to try Pilates by my physiotherapist following a shoulder injury. Not being at all sporty or ever likely to set foot in a gym I enrolled with some trepidation with Lynn. Lynn's classes are small and friendly with exercises tailored to our individual levels. No two weeks routines are the same and Lynn gives lots of helpful advice during the sessions to help improve technique. Much to my surprise as a couch potato, I am still with Lynn 8 months later and enjoy my weekly Pilates. My shoulder is more mobile and strengthened and as a bonus I am generally more flexible, have started to tone up and feel more youthful as I approach my 50th birthday!! Thank you Lynn.


Lindy Milton, Brickendon

I have been attending Lynn's pilates classes since March 2013 and they have made a massive difference to my back pain (pretty much non-existent now) and core strength. I used to get back problems every autumn when my horse started spending more time in the stable and thus more mucking out to do. Generally I would need to see my osteopath several times a year. Since starting the pilates classes I have had very little back pain and not had to visit the osteopath at all. My back can still be stiff, especially after a rigorous gardening session, but after a class of stretching and exercising it loosens up. Lynn always listens to you with regards to any aches or pains and will modify your exercises to allow for any problems. She is certainly highly recommended by me.  

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