Cost of Sessions

There are a number of options to attending Pilates sessions: Regular group sessions for Beginners or Mixed Ability, one to one or small groups sessions. We have daytime and evening classes so whether you are taking up Pilates for rehabilitation or body conditioning then we have something for everyone. The classes are kept to small numbers so there is the opportunity to tailor exercises to suit your needs to get the most from your workout.

Beginners classes or Workshops:

Keeping the numbers small means that you are more comfortable to progress at your own level. You will learn the basics of alignment and how to modify an exercise to suit your needs. Classes are £9.

Pilates for Mixed Ability: 

Classes are enjoyable and these mat work and equipment sessions help individuals improve their flexibility and core strength. A number of options or modifications are taught so as to allow you to complete the exercises effectively. Classes are £9.


Private one to one sessions: 

It is strongly recommended to do some personal one to one sessions prior to joining a class. These sessions are about you and how we can modify stretches and exercises to suit your body type and condition. Home and work visits are possible.


Semi Private Sessions: 

This session is ideal if you would prefer to exercise with friends or your spouse. These groups can be tailored to your needs and of course it will also keep down costs when there are a few of you!! 

Tailored Classes to suit your needs and objectives