Testimonials/ Long term Clients

Fiona, Goffs Oak

I have been attending Lynn’s Pilates classes for about 3 years for one or two sessions a week and I have noticed a number of definite improvements in my body condition over that time. 

Lynn is a very good teacher who explains what she wants the class to do for each exercise and gives us several different options for the exercises depending on individual’s capabilities and health issues. I am a bit paranoid about hurting my lower back, having had problems in the past, and she is able to suggest alternatives that I feel comfortable with. Lynn motivates me to go to her classes which I enjoy. 

My core strength is much stronger which helps with my horse riding and I can sit upright for longer periods without slouching. My stomach is flatter and my back muscles are stronger (and slimmer!), I fact my whole rib cage, back, upper arms and waist area feel toned. After a class I generally feel taller and stretched.

I have also been careful with the amount and what I eat and drink over the last year due to a reflux problem and with Pilates the combination has meant that I have also lost a stone in weight over the last year, which I am very pleased with.


Kerry P, Goffs Oak

I have attended Lynn’s Pilates classes for a couple of years after this form of exercise was suggested to me by a doctor after an illness that affected my breathing.


I was initially hesitate to attend as I was linking Pilates to Yoga and was unsure if Pilates was for me. After my first sessions with Lynn I was sure her classes would benefit me.


They are relaxed, focused sessions that are differentiated to the needs of the individual.


Lynn’s knowledge of Pilates is evident as she adjusts movements to support and build upon your physical abilities and strengths.


Lynn explains the purpose of each exercise and each class is varied with exercises to target different areas or your body. With encouragement, support, experience and humour.


Lynn is able to get the best out of you even when you turn up to class wishing you could fall asleep on the mat instead of having to complete ‘The Hundred’! 

Clare Edwards, Wormley

From the age of 8 I have been suffering with Musculoskeletal problems with my first surgery taking place on my 14th birthday. When I reached 21 I was told it would not be long before I was wheelchair bound.


Not wanting to be defeated I sought out ways to improve my situation.  

Several surgeries and 2 decades later, with my pain no longer under control I needed a new plan.


Everything I read told me to get fit, develop my core strength to reduce or at least get my pain under control. 

I was very worried about going to a class where I would be asked to do something that could cause me damage so not only was it key to finding someone with the suitable qualifications but also experience. Lynn offered me that. 


We started off with a  few private classes and now I go as often as I can. My pain is under control and I no longer take Morphine, Fentanyl or codeine to get through the day. 


I no longer have a blue badge, am not in a wheel chair and can enjoy long walks with friends and their dogs. The best part of it is the classes are fun and challenging.

Tailored Classes to suit your needs and objectives