About Us

Lynn has practiced Pilates for more than 10 years, learning and observing different principles and teaching methods. As her passion for Pilates grew she eventually decided to concentrate on teaching the technique full time.

Like many others that teach Pilates, Lynn suffered from back pain which prevented her from carrying out her hobbies of running and playing tennis. It was only when Pilates was included as part of her overall fitness and to improve her core stability that she was able to continue enjoying sports.

Lynn holds a CYQ Level III and is registered and insured by REPs (The Exercise Register for Fitness Professionals). Lynn is also STOTT trained which is one of the most highly recognised international qualifications.

  • Certificate in Physical Activity and Lifestyle Strategies for Managing Low Back Pain, Active IQ Level 4

  • Diploma in Exercise G.P. Referral (QCF), Active IQ Level 3

  • Applying the Principles of Nutrition to a Physical Activity, Level 3

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise and Health

  • Certificate in Health & safety


What you can expect from the group sessions

  • A welcoming and friendly environment and the chance to meet new people

  • To be given clear instructions and shown clear demonstrations of each of the exercises

  • Regular attendees are invited to ask questions and have feedback on their progression and personal performance

  • To be advised on adaptations and progress so that you get the maximum from each of the sessions

Who comes to these sessions

There are all ages and abilities attending classes. Pilates is not only suitable for those recovering from injury but on the contrary, is all about avoiding injury. It is massively adaptable with different modifications and progressions allowing individuals to work to their own ability. 

Lynn works as a Pilates instructor for a lot of the local businesses and on demand will supply references from any of the following: Hertfordshire Sports Village, Hertfordshire Gym and Golf course, Tesco, Cheshunt Headquarters and Acacia Mews senior residence homes.

Laura Thompson, Sports Coordinator from Hertfordshire Sports Village wrote:

‘Lynn is a very professional instructor and members enjoy her classes here at the Sports Village. Lynn is very approachable and always on time to greet members and check if anybody needs that extra attention. She always caters for all levels in her class so everybody gets a great workout – her teaching points are clear and set at a good pace, members at our club leave the class happy and energised!’

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Tailored Classes to suit your needs and objectives